Wheelmen & Company

Wheelmen & Company was born from the love and passion of celebrating a strong family heritage inspired by cycling and fine classic tailoring. Cycling has been in our blood dating back to the 1800's. At Wheelmen, we have one goal in mind that is to push the envelope in creating and maintaining functional, durable and fashion forward clothing and accessories.

Our clothing is meant to be worn not only on a bicycle or in the process of commuting, but in any environment and anytime. Our apparel is extremely comfortable and we focused strongly on the look, fit and quality. Wheelmen & Company's apparel uses the best fabrication, our quality is unmatched by any other brand!

The founders of Wheelmen & Company began their history as childhood friends. Both of the founders have had polished careers in some of the most well known apparel companies, where they have developed a deep understanding of building quality garments. Over the years the founders of Wheelmen & Company paths often crossed and their idealistic dream was always to do it themselves.

The day has come to have our own company where we can share something truly exciting and inspiring unlike anything being offered in the apparel market. This is who we are and what we make. Our clothing is a true expression of classic lines that meets today's ever changing social and environmental needs.You are Wheelmen & Company.

We are Wheelmen & Company